7 Simple Tips to Relieve Stress

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You just failed your midterm, your school loans are piling up, you have to work the next few weekends AND You just found out your grandpa is in the hospital. On top of all this, some idiot driver just cut you off.

All of these events are causing excessive worry known as stress. Stress is driving you crazy by activating your fight-or-flight response. How do you even fight or run away from these problems? There is nothing you can do to stop stressing. Now you are stuck with this uneasy feeling. If someone even gives you a weird look, you are going to go off! This is where the 7 simple tips come in. Time to get this stress under control.


1.       Exercise

Let’s put all that energy you are using to stress into something good. Exercise creates more “feel good” neurotransmitters called endorphins that decrease stress levels. You can play sports, bulk up at the gym, or do yoga. Even if it is just a 15 minute walk, your stress will go down. You can add any type of exercise into your daily routine. It can be difficult to fit exercise into your schedule but, you will feel great once you do.




2.       Meditation

Meditating can clear your mind of all those nasty stressors. It helps your mind focus on the present and reduces negative feelings. You will feel a sense of peace and calmness that cuts down stress and improves mental health.

There are many types of meditation that you can try such as: transcendental meditation, guided meditation, mindfulness meditation, mantra meditation, tai chi, qi gong, and yoga.




3.       Take a Break from Technology

Technology is so advanced that you have access to everything in the palm of your hands, but with so much technology, life can get overwhelming. Stress can come from getting a work related text or worrying about the different health problems you found on WebMD. Technology tells you what is trending through TV shows, movies, and social media. Now you want to keep up with the trend. Trying to “Keep up with the Joneses” can raise stress levels. Technology is a constant reminder to tell us to stress, so take a break from your electronics.



4.       Music

You may have noticed that when you listen to upbeat music you feel more energized. This is because music has shown to have a strong influence on our feelings and moods. So, by listening to calm and relaxing music, you will feel more carefree and at ease. While you are listening to music, you might as well sing along to your favorite songs. Singing relaxes your mind by reducing the levels of cortisol, a hormone that increases stress. Next time you hear your favorite Katy Perry song on the radio, sing along!



5.       Friends and Family

Being with supportive friends and family will help in stressful times. If you do not have time to go out with your friends or family, give them a call or facetime them. When you do have time to see friends and family, hugs are a must. Hugs increases the level of oxytocin and decreases stress.




6.       Pets

Are you an animal lover? Therapy dogs provide love and support to those struggling. Pets are so amazing at helping people that they are even used in therapy. Animal-assisted therapy provides animals to aid in improving patients’ moods and emotions. Having a pet to cuddle or talk to can ease stress. Studies have shown that people with pets feel less lonely and more supported. Maybe it is time to spend more time with your pet or think about adopting a pet.



7.       Sleep

Adequate amounts of sleep allows your brain to recover from daily stressors. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body is not at its best. Poor sleep impacts your memory, mood, and judgement. These negative symptoms decreases your performance in your daily life and creates more stress. Inadequate sleep also contributes to health problems, adding another layer of worry to your life. In short, get more sleep!


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